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On angels' wings

We thought long and hard about the title of this album. During its making, we met many great people who have helped us along. In a way, they have been our angels. In the Slovak version of Christmas Carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, the Slovak lyrics go “in little town of Bethlehem, a miracle took place”. Today, we can say that “in  little Slovakia, a miracle took place.”

If it were not for our angels, this project would have hardly come together. Sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts, we wish to thank everyone who worked with us on this album or lent a helping hand in the process.


Anna Lišková:

"Last year, after seven years of living cancer-free since my treatment for breast cancer, I had a recurrence with bone metastases and I decided to once again take up the battle against this disease. The way of fighting it was the idea of my children. My children are my greatest support in my fight and so I decided to go along with their idea and to record a CD with Christmas songs and carols. Receiving fourth-line chemotherapy, it was not the easiest thing to do.

But my determination to follow through has grown stonger as I realized that maybe it will not only help me but also others who found themselves in a similar situation.

Singing is my love and love in any form is only beneficial. When I realized this, I hesitated no longer. Now I know that that was the right decision to take.

I feel that my health is getting better. In this connection, I wish to thank the staff at the Banska Bystrica Oncological Clinic for their care, the doctors and nurses, but mainly MUDr. Kadleček, who has been fighting together with me. I accept my fate with equanimity.

I do not lose hope and faith that I will make it through and I thank the Lord for every day that I can be with my loved ones.

Martina Lišková:

"When in 2003 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, it came as a shock to us. However, It was not the first time that we came face to face with this disease. Back in 1994, my mom underwent surgery for a malignant thyroid tumor.
After the surgeries, chemotherapy sessions and countless scans and examinations, we hoped that we had put all of it behind us. After seven years since the last surgery, the devastating news of multiple metastases in the skeletal system hit us like a bolt from the blue. It was not easy to come to terms with this reality that was hard to take. Again started the cycle of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and numerous examinations, however our mom braved her way through all of them.

This project came about with the intention to at least partially take her mind off of chemotherapy, the endless examinations and the sheer physical pain that, unfortunately, comes along with the disease.

In making the CD, we proceeded very carefully step by step, we needed to have a lot of respect for my mom’s health and for the condition she was in. None of us dared to hope that could eventually record the full set of 20 songs. Getting there was not easy, there were the good days and there were the bad days. Yet, it is remarkable what she achieved through her willpower, hope and determination not to give in to the disease. Not only for us as her family, but also for everyone who learned about this project, my mom and her unwavering faith that she will make it through have been an incredible source of good energy.

By way of this album, we wish to pass on this good energy and offer encouragement to many other families and individuals who, just like my mom, have been fighting such a difficult battle.